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Fridge & Freezer Repairs

When any of your home or commercial business appliances, no matter the brand, suffer from inadequacy, Home's Appliance Repair is readily available to provide professional appliance repair services at an affordable price.  Being completely licensed, certified, and insured allows us the opportunity to serve our valued customers and ensuring a phenomenal experience on a consistent basis. 

Our technicians are among the elite; having the ongoing training, experience in the field, and remarkable skills that are enhanced by using quality products, parts, tools, and equipment, we can ensure your appliance receive the best possible repair.

Home's Appliance Repair is experienced and trained to repair any appliance in your home or business. Refrigerators are the most likely appliance to fall short, as they run all day, every day.  Your family’s food and sustenance could be at risk if the refrigerator isn’t operating at its full potential. 

As mention, the refrigerator is designed to operate 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.  Since food isn’t the only thing that is stored in the fridge, medicines and other such perishables require cold storage and when the cool temperatures are halted for an extended time, many of those items can be lost.

In the case of commercial refrigeration, think about how much more they are used and the demands they must meet. Whether your commercial prep table, oversized reach in refrigerator, under counter refrigerator, bar refrigeration unit, wine bottle cooler or other refrigeration unit needs repair, call Home's Appliance Repair!

We Service & Repair The Following Appliances
  • Refrigerators, freezers, and wine coolers Coldrooms

  • Stoves, ovens, ranges and
    cook tops

  • Air Conditioners

  • Washers and dryers

  • Microwave ovens

  • Dishwashers

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